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I am a premium member at bestbuy that means spending 2500 or more within a year.I bought 2 macbook pro Pleasanthill bestbuy has the worse customer service ever, period more than 10 disappointment, I quit buying from bestbuy except my last macbook pro which would be the last.

They treat custumers like they are ***. I asked this guy to get me one and then he started talking about how it will take me forever to learn using macbook pro. Then I asked them to get me an Ipad2 45 minutes later still no help, so I went to bestbuy mall of ga to buy one. I bought plenty of things here then I started shopping online it went ok but transaction was confusing.

Bestbuy credit paying I complained about this and they charged me twice but they denied it, so the next month they did it again and then refunded me the other half of what they charged. Now I called the store to get an Iphone 5 and she said she would hold it, I told her I was a premium member Lithonia BestBuy mobile. So on my way there 49 minutes away well 22 minutes away I called again to make sure but then she said they already sold the last one. My advice for all the buyer is, credit there is same as cash it's not worth buying there if service sucks even corporate puts you on hold for a long time and then hangs-up.

My advice do not buy from bestbuy. I burned my card today I would rather spend a little more somewhere else, things I have bought from there, countless accessories, Nikon D5000, 2 Macbook Pro, audio system, games, 2 ps3, 2 40" sony and samsung flat screens, 2 ipods, an ipad, hp laptop and so much other stuff bottom line $5000-$10000 in the last 3 years oh well my only advice to other customers is buy it somewhere else when you have to also return something it's a hassle it is like a fake warranty company they will try and find something wrong with it so you can't return it. Premium member for 2 or 3 years now, but no more. Look me up bestbuy number is Rafael Flores gjjx here is my empty reward zone number just to show everybody that I am a legit customer reward zone number 2576850713 look me up and my purchases that is the last thing you will ever see.

Been a customer for so long but I will make sure facebook. twitter and all the other websites I got hits this hard. BestBuy is a waste of time and money.

Customer service is the worst ever.

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